I am the illustrator for the Almanac 2020 written by Lia Leendertz







The Almanac 2020

This is the third version, 2020 is illustrated by Julia McKenzie with over 70 illustrations. It includes features on each of the month's unique nature, including key dates, moon phases and metoer showers, sunrises and sea temperatures, tides and garden tasks, birdsongs and blossoms, recipes, festivals and songs.

'" The Almanac: A seasonal Guide to 2020 reinvents the tradition of the rural almanac for a new audience,” according to the synopsis. “It gives you the tools and inspiration you need to celebrate, mark and appreciate each month of the year in your own particular way. Divided into the 12 months, a set of tables each month gives it the feel and weight of a traditional almanac, providing practical information that gives access to the outdoors and the seasons, perfect for expeditions, meteor-spotting nights and beach holidays.”

Leendertz, an award-winning garden and food writer, said: “Writing the almanac is a joy and I am immensely grateful to its readers, who have taken it to their hearts and established it as a Christmas tradition. There are few things more thrilling for an author. The Almanac 2020 is a beauty and I am delighted with it. I hope readers new and old will love it too.”

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