I am based in London, I trained at Camberwell School of Art.  My work is primarily

drawing based layered with paper cuts and collage. I also make screen prints,

etchings and lino cuts

please contact me at info@juliamckenzie.co.uk

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I draw from nature and found objects I discover in the environment around me.

Fragments of printed-paper, maps and other ephemera become entangled with

delicate line and printed textures. Birds, plants, insects and objects combine to create

a complex narrative. Drawing, making and printing is the stuff of exploration for me;

my work celebrates the lost, the overlooked and the fragile. I combine elements that

weave together the urban nature that lives alongside me with echoes of things,

natural and manmade, that I find on my travels.  

I look for bones, plants, insects and birds. I like residues and husks of animals, plants

or minerals that have survived long enough for me to find and examine. I celebrate

the fragile, the forgotten, the broken and the beautiful.

Read more about me here in this article in Dulwich on View . The British Library has acquired an Atlas page drawing for the national Collection of antiquarian maps and I have created design work for the IWM London