Julia McKenzie is based in London. She trained at Camberwell School of Art.  Julia’s work is primarily drawing based layered with paper cuts and collage. She also produces limited edition prints. 
" I look for evidence of nature I can hold in my hand. It can be found in my suburban garden or on my travels to the sea or the countryside. I look for the overlooked, the fragile and the broken. I become a witness to events and objects I can't always fully understand. My drawings, prints and collections of things help investigate this environment and form a bridge between my urban living and the natural world around me."

I look for bones, plants, insects and birds. I like residues and husks of animals, plants or minerals that have survived long enough for me to find and examine. I celebrate the fragile, the forgotten, the broken and the beautiful.


Read more about me here in this article in Dulwich on View 

July 2013, The British Library has acquired an Atlas page drawing for the national Collection

of Antiquarian maps



'Temporary grass'  added to British Library                   Studio


                                  'The garden of earthly delights' ink drawing 5ftx4ft 2015

                                   while in in progress